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general POLICY

Standard Terms 

The term "Seller" in these terms and conditions means any of the following entities, there suppliers, subcontractors, subsidiaries, management entities, or owners:  GSi Home Services, Mailbox Project, GSi Mailboxes, GSi Mailboxes & Street Signs.

The term "Buyer" in these terms and conditions means any person or entity that enters into agreement with the Seller either by written agreement or approval, signed invoice or quote, or payment of any amount toward an invoice or quote.

The term "Written Agreement" will also include electronic correspondence such as email or text message.

The term "USPS" means the United States Postal Service, its representatives, subsidiaries, or subcontractors.

The term "MUTCD" means the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

The term "FHWA" means the United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration.


Buyer will have the right to inspect the goods upon receipt. There will be no refunds issued after the product has been installed for reasons other than defects in workmanship or materials. All workmanship is considered final if not addressed within 3 days of completion of service.  All products must be returned within ten days to be eligible for a refund. In cases other than defects in workmanship or materials the refund will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.  Once a product has been installed it is no longer eligible for return or refund. In cases where acceptance of product by the buyer does not occur within 30 days of scheduled delivery / installation date the deposit will be forfeited. The Buyer is responsible for verifying that the signage materials used are in accordance with their county and/or city regulations unless otherwise agreed in writing. 


Payment may be made in the form of a check, money order or major credit card. A 3% surcharge will be added to credit card orders for amounts greater than $1,000. Unless noted otherwise in the contract a deposit of 65% is required at time of contract with remaining balance due on delivery of goods. For orders of less than $1,000 the full amount is due prior to performance of the work unless otherwise agreed in writing.

House numbers / street names will be provided by the buyer.  In the event that the (buyer provided) numbers are incorrect there will be a charge of $ 35.00 per incorrect house number.  In the event street names are incorrect there will be a charge of $ 120.00 per incorrect street blade for standard street blades.  Custom street blades may incur additional fees. GSi Home Services will provide this service and take full liability for any numbering errors for a fee of one dollar per mailbox or street sign (minimum of $ 200.00). Buyer agrees that (1) invoices are net and due 10 days from invoice date, (2) that any invoiced amounts not paid within terms mentioned above shall bear interest at the maximum non usurious rate permitted by law or 29% per annum, whichever is less, from the date due until paid, and (3) to pay any and all costs of collection (including without limitation reasonable attorney’s fees) incurred in collecting any overdue account.



Seller warrants that the goods sold hereunder are new and free from substantive defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery for traditional mailboxes and street signs, and five (5) years for 4C and CBU systems manufactured by Florence or Salsbury Industries.  Seller's liability under the foregoing warranty is limited to replacement of goods or repair of defects. No other warranty, express or implied, is made by Seller, and none shall be imputed or presumed.  Seller reserves the right to withdraw warranty for any non-standard or custom parts.  Furthermore, all warranty rights will be voided and considered unenforceable until full and final payment has been received by the seller.



Sales tax may or may not be included in your contract or invoice price depending on the product, service, location, sales channel, or other factors.  Any and all sales taxes, tariffs, and other governmental charges as anticipated and estimated by the seller will be specified in your contract or invoice and shall be paid by Buyer and are Buyer's responsibility except as limited by law.  

Right of Homeowner 

In cases where a homeowner refuses to grant the right to install a mailbox or street sign on a particular property that was part of a larger project, the mailbox or street sign will be left with a representative of the buyer and installation charges will be forfeited. 


Landscaping and Utilities 

All landscaping issues as related to the removal, relocation, and or installation of signs and/or mailboxes are the responsibility of the Buyer.  The Seller does not take responsibility for any vines, bushes, or other shrubbery that may become damaged during the installation process.  In the event that a utility line or other property is damaged the Seller reserves the right to use a contractor of their choice for the repair. When utility damage is unavoidable as a result of location or prior encasement in mailbox or street sign concrete, the Seller will not be responsible for such damage.  The Seller will notify the Buyer as soon as possible when such damage occurs or is imminent.  For damaged utilities posing a safety hazard, the Seller will promptly contact the necessary emergency services and utility company to initiate repair.


The Seller will install all product according to USPS or FHWA regulations when possible.  If the Buyer requests a non-conforming installation the Seller will be relieved of any liability for damage, injury, compensation, replacement, or relocation.  For mailboxes, street signs, address markers, and lamp posts requiring in-ground installation there will be approximately 40-100 pounds of concrete used and the typical mounting depth will be between 16 – 24 inches.  Signs and mailboxes will be installed in close proximity to the existing signage. Any changes to the installation or reinstallation location must be brought to the attention of the project manager prior to installation. If the project manager is not informed of the location change then the customer will be billed $179.00 for the reinstallation of the product in the new location.  For products requiring above ground installation, they will be anchored/ bolted to a pre-existing (unless installation of concrete is offered) concrete slab, sidewalk, or median by use of ⅜” - ½” concrete anchor bolts drilled to a depth of no less than 3 ½”.  For 4C or similar Cluster mailboxes requiring recessed wall installation, units will be screwed into pre-existing wall framing using hardware provided by or approved by manufacturer and according to manufacturer recommendations.  The Seller, unless specifically stated in the contract schedule of values, is not responsible for erection of, correction, demolition, repair, or adjustment of any wall framing, drywall, or trim that may be affected by installation of mailboxes.  For cluster mailboxes the Home /Property/ Condo Owner association is responsible for the initial key disbursement to their residents.  Once GSi completes installation of the mailbox systems, keys will be given to the designated association contact.  If keys are not accepted by the Buyer or buyer’s representative by the time of completion of installation, the Buyer agrees to pay to the Seller for all applicable expenses associated with key distribution that may  include but is not limited to postal / shipping fees, USPS fees, box labeling fees, fuel / trip charges, hourly labor charges, etc.

USPS Master Locks

Centralized mail delivery systems that require United States Postal Service access will require a representative of USPS to complete the following tasks whenever a central mail delivery system is replaced:

 - Removal of all mail from units to be replaced and holding at the local USPS facility for recipient retrieval. (Not applicable for new installation.)

 - Unlock and remove master arrow locks from units to be replaced.  (Not applicable for new installation.)

 - Installation or reinstallation of master arrow locks on new units after installation by the seller is complete.  

The Seller will coordinate with USPS for scheduling and to advise when ready for master arrow lock installation.  However,  the Seller has no control over USPS lead times, manpower, lock supply or other USPS specific issues that could affect the usability of the installed central mail delivery systems.  Therefore no payment due to Seller will be withheld due to any delay, failure, or inefficiency related to USPS. 


Processing & Shipping Time:

For standard stock items orders are processed within 1-2 business days and shipped immediately after. Orders are not processed or shipped out on weekends or holidays.   Orders placed on Friday after 12PM EST or over the weekend will begin processing on the following Monday.  Custom or non-stock items may require longer processing and shipping times.


Shipping rates & delivery estimates:

All rates are calculated by weight of item. Delivery estimates are determined by the carrier. 


Shipping to P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO Address:

Some orders cannot be shipped to PO boxes. Not all shipping methods are available for all shipping addresses or certain items.  Shipping available to the 48 contiguous states only, we do not ship to U.S. territories.

We do not ship internationally. 

Shipping Damage

If your order is being shipped it is important to inspect the shipment before signing the carrier's receipt of delivery.  From time to time shipments do become damaged in transit.  If damage is found please do not accept the damaged items.  The Seller will initiate a claim with the carrier once the return shipment is received.  The Seller will not accept liability for, compensate, or replace without compensation any product that has been accepted with a clear delivery receipt.  If  the delivery receipt is signed clear, but later it is determined that the order has been cosmetically or structurally damaged in shipping, it will be the Buyer’s responsibility to file and follow-up on  a claim with the shipping company.  Please allow 30 to 60 days for these claims to settle.  You must retain all packaging. 

Return & Exchange Policy

Only items in NEW condition that have NOT been installed or attempted to be installed will be eligible for return within 30 days from the date of purchase.  Please place items back in their original packaging with all attempt made to protect the items during shipment.  If items are damaged during return shipment, it will be the responsibility of the buyer to file the claim with the shipping company for compensation or reimbursement.


****Customized items are non-refundable****

In most cases the buyer will only be entitled to a refund for the amount of the product.  Fees associated with shipping and handling will not be refunded.  Additionally, there will be a 20% restocking fee assessed in the case of return for convenience or change of order.

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